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In 1749, John Betts offered a three pounds reward for the return of his slave, Isaac a mulatto.

Isaac was described as being 24 years old with "a very good head of hair and a felt hat".

Slave owners in the country areas like Long Island also had few slaves to each master, since large-scale plantations were not suitable to the North.

In Queens County, in 1698, there were 3,366 whites and 199 blacks.As the whites responded to the alarm they ambushed them, killing five and wounding six.The militia was called out, and the slaves were soon hunted down, brutally, tortured and killed.1760 saw Richard Botts of Jamaica offering five dollars for his runaway slave Gastalio, who had "several cuts in his body, his two front teeth filed, and holes in both ears".The turmoil of the Revolutionary War days found the slaves fleeing either from the British or the Americans to the freedom of the opposing side's lines.When Williams kicked him out, Luamino had him arrested by the British and eventually brought to Jamaica for shipment to New York and punishment.


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