West side dating

But this time there are about 130 settlements on the West Bank and 99 unauthorised outposts.

He identifies purely as Israeli, however, and points out that Israel is an immigrant country.Central to the particular beliefs of religious Zionists is that the modern state of Israel is a manifestation of this prophecy.They argue that Jews should not wait for supernatural intervention, but should strive to expand and protect the state of Israel, thus creating the age of the Messiah themselves.Yet already he has completed 16 months of military service and has risen to the rank of sergeant.He now spends all his time studying Jewish scripture, but in an emergency would be called up to the front line.These young men have a reputation for being the most committed and effective soldiers in the country; whereas only 30 per cent of Israeli men serve in combat units, among these students that number rises to almost 90 per cent.


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