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If you net a few victories and want to see the money go the other way, certain casinos also allow withdrawals using this e-wallet.

It works in virtually the same way, with the platform needing to be selected within the withdrawals section and an amount, pop-up login form and final instructions needing to be selected and adhered to.

If it points somewhere else (like the screenshot above), you'll need to figure out what service or button is setting those URLs!

If you have international customers via Pay Pal, or have noticed some addresses not coming through from Pay Pal, you may need to turn on UTF-8 encoding in Pay Pal.

The way to fix this is by following our "Multiple IPN" documentation here. cmd=_display-ipns-history) and click on a single record's message ID to view the details: And you'll see a page like this: You should notice a "Notification URL" listed above, it should point to Zapier.

This works out fine if Zapier is the only service you need to send new orders to, but if you use an e-commerce plugin or other service that requires the use of IPN, you’ll find that the IPN URL is already set to that plugin/tool’s URL.

If you’d like to use Zapier along with your existing tools, you need to send notifications to more than one URL. Using Zapier you can setup any number of Pay Pal to Webhook Zaps.

Zapier uses webhooks to capture new Pay Pal transactions through Pay Pal's IPN feature.

Pay Pal only allows you to set one IPN URL (aka “Webhook URL”).


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