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E., Halfbrick Studios Pty Ltd., Laminar Research LLC, Mojang AB and Square Enix, Inc.). Before December 2015, it used to be that trolls could sue dozens of companies with cookie-cutter complaints, citing no real facts, and put on pressure for settlements by threatening lengthy and costly discovery proceedings.

But thanks to decisions in Iqbal/Twombly, complaints must plead facts and recite aspects of the accused product that are alleged to infringe.

CLS Bank, which dealt a fatal blow to a lot of software patents out there (especially the awful, vague and overly broad patents that trolls love so much).

The Supreme Court reaffirmed that merely "adding a generic computer to perform generic computer functions" does not make an otherwise abstract idea patentable. While it doesn't kill off patent litigation, it makes it easier for us to fight low-quality assertions.

The only one who lost money or a job because of Contract Beast was me.If the money was in the bank and the team on board we would have gone ahead. After weeks of going over your maps and equipment you just can't see a plausible way up.That's why I had to make that decision when I did.2) I'm not saying there was no solution. Do you call it off or set out hoping you'll be able to figure it out. I means I could not do it with that team and that equipment.3) Why didn't we leverage the contract approval features that customers loved? The problem was that those kinds of approvals were not core workflow for SMBs.It's not just patents, civil forfeiture is another thing that comes to mind and I'm sure there more.I imagine if in future somebody gets such a patent lawsuit, they'd just rip up the letter and throw it away.People will mention the problem with patents but I see another, perhaps bigger, problem: We do not have equal access to our judicial system in the United States.


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