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Consequences: While Jacks busy enjoying his newfound youth, David nearly dies in hospital, which is a bit bleak. And no, maybe that doesnt quite count as a body swap, but its closer to that than time travel, since Mike doesnt get to go back in time in his own life he just gets to be young again in the present day.Also, Jack discovers how horrible everyone is, including his trophy wife. How They Swapped: By meeting a mysterious janitor (Brian Doyle-Murray) while reminiscing about his school days.This is a pretty lightweight made-for-TV drama, but the cast make it worth a look. Busy businessman Marshall (Judge Reinhold) and his son, Charlie (Fred Savage).How They Swapped: By accidentally coming into contact with a magical stolen skull while wishing they could swap bodies.How They Swapped: Via Wiccan ritual and magic earrings. Clive-as-Jessica becomes a pole dancer and continues his life of crime; Jessica-as-Clive spies on all her friends and learns valuable life lessons. Which is as close to a happy ending as this film was gonna get. 81 year old millionaire Jack (George Burns) and his 18 year old grandson David (Charlie Schlatter).

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How They Swapped: A voodoo ritual lets Ray pop out his soul and stick it in the nearest available empty vessel, a doll. FBI agent Sean Archer (John Travolta) and deranged terrorist Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage).Luckily, Josh tracks down Zoltar and puts everything right again. How They Swapped: Via a wish made in front of a doll house covered in magic wishing dust. Consequences: Jenna learns a series of valuable life lessons that boil down to dont be a bitch.But in her 30-year-old body, she has to watch her best friend Matty (Mark Ruffalo) marry someone else. Its okay, though, she manages to drum up some dust and reset her life, creating her own happy ending. Typical teenager Anna (Lindsay Lohan) and her long suffering mother, Tess (Jamie Lee Curtis).Wacky hijinks ensue, but theres a darker side to the comedy, especially where Edwinas intended new body, Terry, is concerned. So its not strictly a swap, because Farnsworths soul has departed the mortal coil.Consequences: Pendleton undoes some of Farnsworths misdeeds, but he gets shot and Farnsworths body dies again. It sort of ends up okay, though, as head angel Mr Jordan (Claude Rains) finds Pendleton a new boxers body to keep instead. Cheerleader Ione (Spencer Locke) and her mother, Sloan (Erica Shaffer).How They Swapped: Via magic, and a botched soul-transfer. Boxer Joe Pendleton (Robert Montgomery) and cruel investment banker Bruce Farnsworth (also played by Robert Montgomery, post-switch).


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