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I draw on extensive experience in tantra, bodywork and shamanic sexuality, having trained with some of the world's leading edge teachers in conscious sexuality and sex coaching since I started working professionally in 1994.

I am excited to be on your journey with you as you reclaim your sexuality!

I also host an audio podcast talking about love, relationships, and sex in a fun, naughty “edu-tainment” way where I encourage sexual pleasure and experimentation, emphasizing experiential learning through consciousness, self-connection, and ecstatic, energizing movement to deepen your erotic capacity.

Sensual and sexual discovery is an ongoing journey for all of us, I look forward to walking beside you as we continue on this exciting and rewarding path.

All members below have agreed to abide by the ACSB Code of Ethics when practicing Sexological Bodywork.

Many members also integrate other professional trainings and perspectives into their practices.

Creative coaching includes assisting in projects from start to finish, teaching techniques in various mediums, and holding space for the vulnerabilities that arise from creating.

You are only able to connect to another's depths to the extent that you are able to connect to your own depths. It is feeling alive and feeling ecstatic pleasure in your senses. I bring a grounded and loving attention to my sessions and I invite whatever edge you are courageously walking, with full approval and lots of encouragement.By using this directory you agree to our disclaimer.I am a somatic sex coach, deep tissue bodyworker and teacher of erotic massage and sensual touch workshops.I’m a Sexologist, CSB-Certified Sexological Bodyworker, trained in Somatica Therapy, Somatic Intimacy Sex Coach & Pleasure Advocate.Educator and Practitioner, working with individuals, couples, and groups of all backgrounds and sexual orientations.For over 20 years I have been facilitating body-based experiences and practices, with the intention of exploring edges and capacities, addressing any stored tension, and expanding what is possible…in a conscious way that integrates body, heart, mind and spirit.


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