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Daniel's fellow priests aren't very affirming of his attempts to explain his beliefs.When fellow priest Ollie asks Daniel, "What's your thing? Until then, his preferred viewing venue is a movie theater.Perhaps instead of telling women to simply wait and pray, we need to be teaching women how to be open, friendly, and available, so that men are more encouraged to step out and ask girls out?SEE ALSO: Is "Waiting on God" an Excuse to be Lazy?She tells Daniel that she first showed up not to "save [her] own a-s," but simply because the light was on outside the church.

We hear hymns sung and see sacraments administered.

And being shy means that I am a ‘good’ Christian girl.

However, for me, as the years passed, I wondered if this was true. It seemed that in every other area of life God requires my active participation.

We watch as priests comfort those who are dying, and we hear faith openly discussed between Daniel and Jane, who's not outwardly open to deep discussions about faith despite voluntarily coming to the church for confession.

Jane's skepticism is fueled in part by memories of crucifixes with makeup on the Jesus figures, but she mainly talks about the subject that preoccupies her: death.


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