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In Babylon, people sacrificed and prayed to gods and goddesses requesting sexual favors and carnal pleasures.In the Knights Templar rituals, a crucifix of Jesus was reviled and urinated on, and homosexual orgies were rumored.Thus, it should not come as a surprise that all modern corruptions of the Bible have completely removed the word sodomite from the Scriptures.

He blessed us with opportunities to have more so we could bless others and that makes us more like Christ.Imagine when you’re no longer here on earth and in heaven, those same people you helped will say to you, ‘Thank you for investing in me”. I’m in heaven because you cared enough to share with me and bring me to Christ.“You bought me a ticket to an event that saved my life”.So give generously the same way Christ has been generous with you and do it in a way that is pleasing to God. The decision to do what is right and trust God is the way to go. When God makes a way out of no way, just know its for his purpose.It is a daily decision you have to consciously make. So when he puts an opportunities in front of you to have abundance of wealth, it is a sign that you have been blessed, rewarded and chosen to help pave the way for others around you to be blessed. I purposely look for ways on a daily basis to let people see Christ in me, by making a difference in there life.Think about the people God put in your life to influence and help but do you.


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