Dating fender acoustics guitars

What I've read about this axe is true, it almost never needs tuning and the sound has gotton better with time, I have 4 boys and traveled a lot with this axe and it seems almost indestructble. I don't think his guess that the first two numbers mean the year is correct.

I own this guitar, and mine was bought in the mid-80's, and the first two numbers are 96, so it throws that theory out the window, at least for mine it does.

I have just bought one of these in absolutely mint condition and it plays like a dream . I have to agree with all the post, i too was curious to what others experience with the guitar i have several high end acoustics and i have to work the electronics to get a decent recorded sound i just plug and play when i record by myself . I got an old '67 eko ranger to keep as a beater guitar instead of the Fender..

Ive read various threads on wether its a laminate top or not but if you look closely at the sound hole you can see the grain all the way through. I was comparing it to my takamine, which has a thicker top but looks like its made from the same wood . Only this week with one of the best guitarist i know, and he was disgusted with all of the recordings of his guitars and he asked me if i had one that i liked to record. I took it into many London studios on sessions I was engineering, and no Neumann, B&K, or Schoeps could rescue the thing. Those are also built to last, and a helluva lot more fun!

This is also where the model name (Gemini II) can be seen. here's mine it will be from 1983 (first 2 digits are the year) which means likely made in Korea (Samick factory I thnk). Santa Rosa (Blk) 1989-1990 Santa Rosa (Red) 1989-1990 010941 ? Can anyone tell me anything about a Fender Acoustic guitar, called a Gemini II ?My father owns this guitar and he believes it to be about 30 years old or so. It's an excellent guitar, very good tuners that will keep it in tune forever, and damn near indestructible.Has a urethane finish which some will frown on, but on this instrument it doesn't affect the sound badly at all.Not good by the standards of a Martin, Lowden, or some Gibson's, but good by comparison to any of the dozens of sub-0 guitars I've ever played, like those horrible Epiphone J200 lookalikes. Interestingly, this cheap little Fender records really well.


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