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There are only two ways of dealing with a Leo man – you can either love him or hate him. Confident, ambitious and fiercely determined, Leo men are spirited individuals, driven by the intense desire to excel and outshine.If you are sad, in despair or simply melancholic, with a Leo around, you can expect that the cloud of gloominess will soon give way to bright sunshine and light.They love to get respect from people and don’t mind whether the same comes as a result of threat or apprehension. Though they would not make their envious nature public often, a change in their behaviour could be a signal for the same.And when this happens, the lion inside can send the target directly to the hospital bed! Romance Quotient Romancing the Leo is ditto to feeling as if you are the Queen of the Jungle. Of course it does for who doesn’t want a loving partner if the price for the same is just simple loyalty. To make a Leo fall in love with you, you need not rack your brains; a dinner by the moonlit seaside with romantic music and overflowing champagne is all what you need to make the lion go purring and whirring.Leo men are warm and affectionate and work hard to spread cheer and smile to others.

Dealing with a Leo requires you to act tactfully and maturely.Such is the power that they exude that the presence of a Leo man is felt almost immediately.Leo men love to be at the center of attention and enjoy flattery and appreciation.However, it is only when you get extremely close to a Leo that these traits would be visible. If you have, you would know that having a little scorched spot here and there is a part of the game.For rest, if just the thought of being near one makes you wet your pants, get off for you can’t deal with a Leo either.Given the fact, not all is rosy in the personality traits of a Leo man for men under this zodiac sign have an extremely pretentious and dominating attitude. To believe in the same you actually have to be in close contact with a Leo, or else this may seem to be a witty joke cracked.


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