Counselors for dating

- Are effective across all economic and ethnic groups.- separations or military deployment, couples having children out-of-wedlock, couples facing serious illness (heart-attack-recovery, cancer, etc.); for teaching in special settings: religious, military, prison, child-birth clinic, welfare, high-school, etc; and have been adapted for specific ethnic groups: African American, Hispanic, Korean, Native American, Russian, etc.There are a wide variety of formats – some lecture or DVD-based, others highly interactive and exercise-based, others are a blend.

Is it more romantic to say, "Beloved, I see that the divorce rate is 50%.- Education normalizes conflict and disagreements as part of every marriage and as part of every loving relationship.- Includes instruction in basic communication skills: speaker-listener, time outs, shared meaning, conflict-management, problem solving, empathy-building, softened start-up, love maps, etc.Anyone with a passion for helping strengthen marriage.Research shows that lay leaders (that means ordinary people without a mental health degree) and clergy, can teach the courses as well as – or better – than mental health professionals (those with mental health degrees and licenses). You do NOT need a mental health degree or state license to teach marriage or family education programs – just as it doesn't take a heart surgeon to teach smoking cessation or diet and exercise classes.- Skills, once learned are modeled at home where "the children are watching" and thus are likely to also reduce divorce in future generations.


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