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Azerbaijan's architectural monument the Maiden Tower is located in the south-western part of the Walled City of Baku or Icheri Sheher. Its bottom part with a height of 13.7 meters is dated by most experts to the 6th–7th centuries BC.The Maiden Tower has a total height of 29.7 meters, with a diameter of 16.5 meters.Very common are ecological tours to Azerbaijan, which include visits to nature reservations, trekking and climbing routes.Midday sandy beaches offer opportunities for diving, and swimming season starts in Azerbaijan in May.

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Consular services for the afore-mentioned States are provided by the Consulate General of Azerbaijan in Los-Angeles.Foreigners and stateless persons can get detailed information about and apply for electronic visas at: az To obtain a visa by mail, the request must include a postage paid return envelope (Express Mail, Fed Ex, UPS or DHL).The Embassy of Azerbaijan does not assume any responsibility for the loss postal delivery.Some scholars have speculated that the Ateshgah may have been an ancient Zoroastrian shrine that was decimated by invading Islamic armies during the Muslim conquest of Persia and its neighboring regions.The complex was turned into a museum in 1975 and now receives 15,000 visitors a year.The present structure was built approximately in 1713 AD, and the building of the central stone shrine was funded by merchant Kanchanagaran in 1810.


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